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aww i havent done anything to my old site in while so i thought i would see how it is going . i decided im still going to keep my galleries on this site and just link them because of space restrictions . i was reading my guest book and im so happy people like what i have done !! danke danke !
sept- 4
not finished , but i do have a few things that might be worth looing at ^_^ i hope .
new quotes , new gallery , even a gravitation personality quiz ^_^ . there will be lyrics and  a whole bunch of new stuff too !!!! so go visit !!! and sigh my guest book !!!
ooooo chobits number 3 comes out  in october ! hmm why dont i have ne chobits on updatenss but i just moved and we didnt get inter net 2 a while -_-  but now im back and the hot guy vote will just have 2 stay up till september .. sorry !  but it works out perfectly cause we had 2 hot guy winners a few months ago
 august 14
mango pocky !!! a little waxy , but its worth a try ne way
july 24

anime festival in edmonton ! u can get more info here
july 10

 there is a new flavor of pocky !!!! its called strawberry mosse   oooo i cant wait 2 try it !!!! het heres a pocky rating , crazy ! and u can buy pocky here ( if u really up 4 waiting a like a few weeks 4 ur pocky , id just go 2 the international supermarket or k&y *_* )

if u live in calgary theres an otaku festival may 25 to 26th at the u of c  !!!!!!!!!!!! they will b showing tones of anime movies ( everything from cowboy bebop 2 inu yasha !!! )  its free if your under 18 , for more info go here !!!!!!!
may 20

 omg ! homeward bound  was the best episode of digimon ( tamers )  i have ever seen !!!!!!! it was sssssssssssooooooooooo sad !!!!!  omg , exspecialy when takato told jeri how he felt  T_T waaa !!!!!! if ne 1 has a vidio clip of that can u pleeeaaazzzzzeeeee send it 2 me !!!!!!!!!!  " i just wish you'd talk 2 me jeri "  awww poor takato  . man that was like whow emotional .

yay yay yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i figered out the solution 2 my space problem , so its all good now ^_^!!!!!!!!!!!

omg , i just got the cowboy bebop manga and its like the coolest thing ever !  tho they say bastard alote . but its so great !

ahhh im running out of space !!!!!!!! not cool , not cool at all . i might have 2 find a new host T_T . wahhh , oh well i guess its 4 the best , ne 1 have ne sugggetions 4 a new host ? ppppppllllllleeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee help me !!!!!

its march 21 and my site is ready ! this is my 1st site so b nice . i have lots of gallerys  reviews and news all u have 2 do is look around   . there will b more 2 come so hold on ^_^ ! hope u like the music its butterfly from smile ( i have the whole song if i listen long enuf )! all the good stuf is in the multimedia section .


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august 2002

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im sooo sorry bout the lack of updateness ! i just moved and we didnt get internet 4 a while ... new hot guys 4 september tho ! i promise !!!

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